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Hello Spring!

Hey everyone it’s been a while! Hope 2017 has been great for all of you! Mine has been insanely eventful. Starting a brand new school as a Fashion Merchandising and Management major at Berkeley College in Manhattan, having surgical consults for both of my knees, and a million other adventures. It sure has been crazy. Here in New York we had a crazy heat wave back in February. I was wearing shorts! Now however we just got rid of our latest snow storm. So needless to say everyone’s happy about the warmer weather arriving.

Lately I’ve been all about changing up my hair. I’ve been trying out bold blues and greens lately. Greens and blues are all over Pantone’s colors for the season (check out my post on all of them! ) . It’s so interesting because I’ve never done crazy colors to my hair before and I’ve received so many compliments! (The majority were from some really awesome older people; shocking right!)

16465554_1188764997910784_7059076121626673152_n That’s me! Check out more on my instagram bridgett_katee

This season is all about lines. Whether they’re stripes, silhouettes, waist lines, or shoulder designs; almost none of what we see this season is symmetrical!

every season brings about new things for me to try and embrace. Stripes were never my thing. I feared the saying stripes make you look bigger. Knowing that’s not true in most cases I can’t wait to rock some of the new styles this season.

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Spring 2017 Fashion Trends


A little brightness to think about in these freezing months approaching. Everyone loves Spring, the snow melts you don’t have to wear 15 layers and 4 pairs of socks to go to the bathroom it’s just a magical time. Here’s a little hope to look forward to looking great once the temperatures start rising again.

80’s Influence

The 80’s are back! I love the 80’s so many colors and amazing rock music, on the runways this year there were many metallic rompers and dresses, as well as super mini lengths, and sequins.

Bright Florals

It’s not Spring without pretty floral designed everything. Transitioning from the darker small fall flower into bigger brighter patterns covering everything from dresses to shoes.


Bride Inspired

Flowey dresses in white hues, sheer fabrics and lace are huge this season, in different styles, long and short.


Athletic wear has been a huge craze for so long now and its becoming incorporated in so many different styles and is becoming such a norm with todays growing love of exercising and being health conscious. Black and white which was a huge trend this past Spring and its following us again for another round being worked in with athleticwear and more.

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are such a cute trend and are such an easy way to put together a really cute outfit almost effortlessly.

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Black Friday Weekend Store’s Open/Hours

Oh god it’s that time of year again! The hustle and bustle of people looking to buy gifts for loved ones and people they really don’t care about. Such a magical season of love turns into near murder scenes on the line at your favorite store as it gets closer to the holidays.

Every year we hear crazy stories about Black Friday, where people are getting trampled and killed, and camping out for over 24 hours before completely missing Thanksgiving with their family.

On the brighter side Black Friday is the one day a year where people are running around in search for those fabulous deals on must have and very needed products.

Thanksgiving used to be solely a family day but with many retailers opening their doors on Thanksgiving a lot of people rush through the huge turkey dinner and straight to the mall.

Heres a list of stores that are open on Thanksgiving Day


Macy’s (after 5pm)

Kohl’s (after 6pm)

JC Penney (after 3pm)

Old Navy (after 4)

Sear’s (after 6)

Target (after 6)

Toys R Us (after 5)

Ulta (after 6)

Victoria Secret (ALL DAY)

Walmart (after 6)


Baby’s R Us (8am)

Barnes and Noble (regular hours)

Bed, Bath & Beyond (6am-10pm)

Burlington (7am-11pm)

DSW (regular hours)

Gamestop (5am)

Guitar Center (6am)

H&M (6am-10pm)

Home Depot (5am)

HomeGoods (7am-10pm)

JC Penney (regular hours)

Kohls (regular open – midnight)

Lowes (5am)

Macy’s (6am-2pm)

Marshall’s (7am-10pm)

Michael’s (7am-10pm)

Modells (6am)

Nordstrom (8am-10pm)

Target (8am-11pm)

Victoria Secret (6am-10pm)

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Hair Styles 2016/2017

Hair is one of the most amazing things because you can always change it! Many of us like to get a new look once a year, some have had the same thing for years. Whatever the case the new year is full of many timeless classics.

Volume and Texture

Bigger is better! Especially with hair (and paychecks) Big hair is such a magical thing because it can transform an entire look so easily. As well as the texture, most people don’t have perfectly straight hair, which is great because natural texture is huge this season.


Parts & Styles

Everyone parts their hair differently to flatter their faces, this season the center part and deep side part rule. As well as the low pony, ballerina bun, and braids to keep the wind from smacking you in the face this winter.


What to do when it’s down

Straight hair, big curls, tousled waves, and even crimping is popular this season, so whatever you love rock it.

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3 Accessory Must Haves, and have them however you’d like.

Every girl knows the saying the accessories make the outfit. Well that goes double for the cold weather season. It’s kind of hard to look good dressed in 4 layers showing nothing but your eyes, if you don’t wear sunglasses. That’s where cute scarves, gloves, and tights come in. So many creative variations of things we all wear and love.


Gotta keep that neck warm. Fur scarves, chunky scarves, skinny scarves, extra long, and puffer scarves are this seasons hottest accessory for the cold.


Gloves are always a must have keeping your hands warm. However there are a million ways to keep warm in style. Leather gloves, knitted, fingerless, long, and sheer black, and embellished gloves are huge this season.


For those who really love their dresses, or maybe just need a little shield from the cold. Tights are like jewelry for the legs, there’s so many different types. Colored and patterned tights are so popular this season, so put those black tights away and wear the rainbow.

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Jewelry Trends 2016/2017

Accessories make the outfit & jewelry can take a boring old shirt and make it look fabulous. 2016/2017 is full of a bunch of great trends from some revamped classics to some bold new ideas.

Jewelry this season is just stunning with a lot of punk influences. With the choker, ear cuffs, facial piercings all  being shown on the runways. As well as some beautiful statement pendants, raw gemstones, chunky layering. However these are just a few of the trends from the runways this season.



The punk era of the 90’s and 2000’s is resurfacing with the little chokers and very detailed pieces, multiple necklaces, bracelets, and earrings were all huge this season


There’s so much sparkle waltzing around this season. From big statement pieces that make you feel like a queen, rings covering your fingers, or just a little extra glitz dangling from your wrist.


Huge statement necklaces have been popular for quite some time now. Instead of doing the whole piece large instead many designers have decided to use statement pendants, as well as brooches and changing up the norm with half done pieces, mismatched and single earrings.


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Shoe Trends 2016/2017

Shoes are a real girls best friend. I don’t have one friend who doesn’t have a million pairs of shoes. Now me I know I’m a shoeholic so I’m super stoked this season at the million different options to try.


Most seasons one height took reign over the others, the best part about this season was the diveristy on the runways. With heights ranging from short ankle styles hitting almost every interval on the way up to the always sexy thigh high boots.



Sky high pumps, chunky heels, wooden, structured, tall, kitten there’s a heel for everyone out there! The season was full of fabulous styles that almost anyone could pull off.



Beautiful leather work, the IT material lately suede, reptile skins and even some velvet have been walking across the runways this season. Some shoes with beautiful sequins, and studs really stole to show.


A lot of the shoes shown this season were done beautifully, with cute slingbacks, oxfords, tassle mocs, lace up shoes, open heel, open toe,pointed toe, multiple straps, and ankle straps.

There’s also the revamped goth boots, the cowboy craze,  the Bowie Boot, and the rampage of chunky platforms.