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Your Ultimate Guide to Black Friday

Oh god it’s that time of year again! The hustle and bustle of people looking to buy gifts for loved ones and people they really don’t care about. Such a magical season of love turns into near murder scenes on the line at your favorite store as it gets closer to the holidays.

Every year we hear crazy stories about Black Friday, where people are getting trampled and killed, and camping out for over 24 hours before completely missing Thanksgiving with their family.

On the brighter side Black Friday is the one day a year where people are running around in search for those fabulous deals on must have and very needed products.



While you’re busy running around the stores keep in mind some things are definitely worth buying on this crazy day, while others should definitely be skipped.


Game systems are a huge hit for Holiday presents for kids. Whether they’re a PlayStation kid, or an Xbox fan Black Friday is definitely the time to purchase.

Other electronics are also majorly discounted on Black Friday, Apple runs major sales on their products, while always pushing the newest models there are also huge deals on older models where you can get a phone for almost nothing. Cell phones, SmartWatches, TV’s and other electronics are definitely worth the cash.

Nowadays not many people buy CD’s and DVD’s with the always accessible internet where they can stream almost anything they want instantly. However if you still love a hard copy of your music CD’s are a good choice to buy on Black Friday.

Has your oven crapped out months ago or your microwave broke the other day? Maybe you’re renovating or just really want a new fridge, appliances are definitely the top seller almost every Black Friday, a lot of people binge shop on things they want, but a place to cook and store your food that’s kinda necessary. No matter you story appliances should definitely be one of the first things you look at this year.

The last thing that’s totally worth spending your money on this Black Friday can’t be found in stores, however it can be found at your dream vacation spot. Numerous agencies, and websites (give a look on CyberMonday!) give major discounts for a million different vacations. After all of that shopping you’ll definitely need some time to relax.



Toys are the biggest seller for young children every year during holiday season, new dolls, toy trucks, and other fad toys out there. Retailers know this and the deals you think you’re getting really aren’t as substantial as the rest of the deals out there, best bet on toys is to buy before the season even starts, or after (which kinda defeats the purpose)

Everyone gets roped into the clothes sales on Black Friday however small purchases like clothing really aren’t worth the money, winter essentials and accessories are also something you should definitely skip on your shopping spree, as many stores run big sales after the holiday season to generate more business, during this time there are usually a huge slow down for retailers not making a lot of money, this is definitely something to take advantage of because even after Christmas there’s still a lot left of the cold weather. So save that cash for that new 60″ flat screen you’ve been craving all year.




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3 Accessory Must Haves, and have them however you’d like.

Every girl knows the saying the accessories make the outfit. Well that goes double for the cold weather season. It’s kind of hard to look good dressed in 4 layers showing nothing but your eyes, if you don’t wear sunglasses. That’s where cute scarves, gloves, and tights come in. So many creative variations of things we all wear and love.


Gotta keep that neck warm. Fur scarves, chunky scarves, skinny scarves, extra long, and puffer scarves are this seasons hottest accessory for the cold.


Gloves are always a must have keeping your hands warm. However there are a million ways to keep warm in style. Leather gloves, knitted, fingerless, long, and sheer black, and embellished gloves are huge this season.


For those who really love their dresses, or maybe just need a little shield from the cold. Tights are like jewelry for the legs, there’s so many different types. Colored and patterned tights are so popular this season, so put those black tights away and wear the rainbow.

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Jewelry Trends 2016/2017

Accessories make the outfit & jewelry can take a boring old shirt and make it look fabulous. 2016/2017 is full of a bunch of great trends from some revamped classics to some bold new ideas.

Jewelry this season is just stunning with a lot of punk influences. With the choker, ear cuffs, facial piercings all  being shown on the runways. As well as some beautiful statement pendants, raw gemstones, chunky layering. However these are just a few of the trends from the runways this season.



The punk era of the 90’s and 2000’s is resurfacing with the little chokers and very detailed pieces, multiple necklaces, bracelets, and earrings were all huge this season


There’s so much sparkle waltzing around this season. From big statement pieces that make you feel like a queen, rings covering your fingers, or just a little extra glitz dangling from your wrist.


Huge statement necklaces have been popular for quite some time now. Instead of doing the whole piece large instead many designers have decided to use statement pendants, as well as brooches and changing up the norm with half done pieces, mismatched and single earrings.


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Karma: Classic & Classic Charmed Bracelet Prototypes.

Prototypes of the Classic and Classic Charmed bracelets.

Clean Energy- Featuring Amethyst and Onyx Stones

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, helping one with their inner strength. Along with onyx’s protection from negativity, the wearer will be feel ready to tackle the hardest obstacles.


Soothing Balance- Featuring Tigers Eye and Jade


Jade’s soothing energy and Tiger’s Eyes balancing effect helps the wearer feel more balanced and protected from negative energy opening their minds to other people and be less judgmental of themselves