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Hello Spring!

Hey everyone it’s been a while! Hope 2017 has been great for all of you! Mine has been insanely eventful. Starting a brand new school as a Fashion Merchandising and Management major at Berkeley College in Manhattan, having surgical consults for both of my knees, and a million other adventures. It sure has been crazy. Here in New York we had a crazy heat wave back in February. I was wearing shorts! Now however we just got rid of our latest snow storm. So needless to say everyone’s happy about the warmer weather arriving.

Lately I’ve been all about changing up my hair. I’ve been trying out bold blues and greens lately. Greens and blues are all over Pantone’s colors for the season (check out my post on all of them! ) . It’s so interesting because I’ve never done crazy colors to my hair before and I’ve received so many compliments! (The majority were from some really awesome older people; shocking right!)

16465554_1188764997910784_7059076121626673152_n┬áThat’s me! Check out more on my instagram bridgett_katee

This season is all about lines. Whether they’re stripes, silhouettes, waist lines, or shoulder designs; almost none of what we see this season is symmetrical!

every season brings about new things for me to try and embrace. Stripes were never my thing. I feared the saying stripes make you look bigger. Knowing that’s not true in most cases I can’t wait to rock some of the new styles this season.

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Such bright colors this season with bright orange and pink (Flame and Pink Yarrow) I expect a lot of color combinations with these two! For those who aren’t as bold Hazelnut and Kale make a great combination as well as Island Paradise and Hazelnut, and Island Paradise and Pale Dogwood. Have fun this season!