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Look hot head to toe: Nail Trends 2016

Nails. Whether you love getting them done, doing them yourself, or just plain hate them there’s great trends out there for everyone.

Solid colors are definitely a great choice for those simple ladies out there.

OPI’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection has beautiful colors from all different schemes. From the classic Tiffany Blue, and other bright colors like Fire Escape Rendexvous and Can’t Tame a Wild Thing. Also having some nice fall colors like Rich and Brazilian, I’ll have a Manhattan, and Party at Holly’s.breakfast at tiffanys opi.jpg

Matte and Chrome are also huge for nails lately. Whether you like the subtle look of matte or the in your face of chrome you cant resist them!

chrome nails.jpg  chrome tip  matte nails.jpgmatte nails.jpg

Other nail trends include the opal nails  (pairing with opal hair flawlessly) opal nails.jpgopal with embellishment.jpgopal stiletto nails.jpg

Negative Nail Space is also following us into 2016/2017 as many people do a clear base and draw designs onto your nails. Now you don’t have to be Picasso to do it, however a steady hand makes a world of difference

sparkly purple nns.jpg pink and black nns.jpgmatte stiletto nns.jpgmint geo nns.jpg

Textured Nails are also a huge thing. One of the newest trends are the cable knit design people tend to put on their nails. Looking just like your favorite cozy sweater and its so easy to do! (Tutorial coming soon!) Besides the cable knit crazy many people also like to add little crystals and gems to their nails to create a 3D look and its fabulous! chrome crystal nails.jpgcable knit and gem nails.jpgcable knit nails.jpg rhinestone nails.jpgblack and pink cable knit nails.jpgstudded nails.jpg