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My First Time Backstage

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Pre Fall as much as I am! This is my last semester before I receive my associates and I have so many amazing opportunities coming up!

Recently I had the most amazing time getting to work backstage with staff from Salvatore Ferragamo who were putting on fashion show fundraiser right here on Long Island!

During this opportunity I was lucky enough to come across a mistake with my models look and (sorta) help them fix it. It was such an amazing case of right place right time and at the end it really helped make the show run smoothly!

As for the line it was absolutely gorgeous! Featuring beautiful jewel tones, velvet booties, cozy jackets and shawls, classy neutrals and tons of accessories!

Dressing the model and helping set up was an amazing way to gain some hands on special events experience from, the preparation to the catwalk and everything in between. The amount of hard work to make the 20 minute long show is so crazy and so necessary to ensure everything goes off without a hitch!

The only downside was not being able to really watch the show! We got some pictures though!

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Hello Spring!

Hey everyone it’s been a while! Hope 2017 has been great for all of you! Mine has been insanely eventful. Starting a brand new school as a Fashion Merchandising and Management major at Berkeley College in Manhattan, having surgical consults for both of my knees, and a million other adventures. It sure has been crazy. Here in New York we had a crazy heat wave back in February. I was wearing shorts! Now however we just got rid of our latest snow storm. So needless to say everyone’s happy about the warmer weather arriving.

Lately I’ve been all about changing up my hair. I’ve been trying out bold blues and greens lately. Greens and blues are all over Pantone’s colors for the season (check out my post on all of them! ) . It’s so interesting because I’ve never done crazy colors to my hair before and I’ve received so many compliments! (The majority were from some really awesome older people; shocking right!)

16465554_1188764997910784_7059076121626673152_n That’s me! Check out more on my instagram bridgett_katee

This season is all about lines. Whether they’re stripes, silhouettes, waist lines, or shoulder designs; almost none of what we see this season is symmetrical!

every season brings about new things for me to try and embrace. Stripes were never my thing. I feared the saying stripes make you look bigger. Knowing that’s not true in most cases I can’t wait to rock some of the new styles this season.

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New Year! New You! New Hair?

Happy New Year everyone! After the crazy past year everyone is looking forward to and hoping for as much better 2017. What better way to start the new year off right than a new hair do! Personally I decided to go a crazy color for the first time in my life and am absolutely loving it!

Some of the best hair color trends for 2017 are:

Grown out roots:

Embracing this trend myself and receiving nothing but positive feedback was amazing as women in the past were so afraid of having their roots come in. As the years go on self acceptance and growth of individuality has been on an insane up rise.


Ombre: Ombre has been on a rollercoaster of popularity the last few years, and this year people are loving it in all forms. Crazy colors, reverse ombre, sombre (subtle ombre) these lovely locks are going to be turning heads all year.

Jet Black-Blonde: All of the natural hair color trends are in this year in almost every shade so don’t worry about having last years hair color and find what you love the most! Jet black, dark brown, light brown, blonde, ash blonde and platinum are going to be all over the streets this year.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Black Friday

Oh god it’s that time of year again! The hustle and bustle of people looking to buy gifts for loved ones and people they really don’t care about. Such a magical season of love turns into near murder scenes on the line at your favorite store as it gets closer to the holidays.

Every year we hear crazy stories about Black Friday, where people are getting trampled and killed, and camping out for over 24 hours before completely missing Thanksgiving with their family.

On the brighter side Black Friday is the one day a year where people are running around in search for those fabulous deals on must have and very needed products.



While you’re busy running around the stores keep in mind some things are definitely worth buying on this crazy day, while others should definitely be skipped.


Game systems are a huge hit for Holiday presents for kids. Whether they’re a PlayStation kid, or an Xbox fan Black Friday is definitely the time to purchase.

Other electronics are also majorly discounted on Black Friday, Apple runs major sales on their products, while always pushing the newest models there are also huge deals on older models where you can get a phone for almost nothing. Cell phones, SmartWatches, TV’s and other electronics are definitely worth the cash.

Nowadays not many people buy CD’s and DVD’s with the always accessible internet where they can stream almost anything they want instantly. However if you still love a hard copy of your music CD’s are a good choice to buy on Black Friday.

Has your oven crapped out months ago or your microwave broke the other day? Maybe you’re renovating or just really want a new fridge, appliances are definitely the top seller almost every Black Friday, a lot of people binge shop on things they want, but a place to cook and store your food that’s kinda necessary. No matter you story appliances should definitely be one of the first things you look at this year.

The last thing that’s totally worth spending your money on this Black Friday can’t be found in stores, however it can be found at your dream vacation spot. Numerous agencies, and websites (give a look on CyberMonday!) give major discounts for a million different vacations. After all of that shopping you’ll definitely need some time to relax.



Toys are the biggest seller for young children every year during holiday season, new dolls, toy trucks, and other fad toys out there. Retailers know this and the deals you think you’re getting really aren’t as substantial as the rest of the deals out there, best bet on toys is to buy before the season even starts, or after (which kinda defeats the purpose)

Everyone gets roped into the clothes sales on Black Friday however small purchases like clothing really aren’t worth the money, winter essentials and accessories are also something you should definitely skip on your shopping spree, as many stores run big sales after the holiday season to generate more business, during this time there are usually a huge slow down for retailers not making a lot of money, this is definitely something to take advantage of because even after Christmas there’s still a lot left of the cold weather. So save that cash for that new 60″ flat screen you’ve been craving all year.




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Spring 2017 Fashion Trends


A little brightness to think about in these freezing months approaching. Everyone loves Spring, the snow melts you don’t have to wear 15 layers and 4 pairs of socks to go to the bathroom it’s just a magical time. Here’s a little hope to look forward to looking great once the temperatures start rising again.

80’s Influence

The 80’s are back! I love the 80’s so many colors and amazing rock music, on the runways this year there were many metallic rompers and dresses, as well as super mini lengths, and sequins.

Bright Florals

It’s not Spring without pretty floral designed everything. Transitioning from the darker small fall flower into bigger brighter patterns covering everything from dresses to shoes.


Bride Inspired

Flowey dresses in white hues, sheer fabrics and lace are huge this season, in different styles, long and short.


Athletic wear has been a huge craze for so long now and its becoming incorporated in so many different styles and is becoming such a norm with todays growing love of exercising and being health conscious. Black and white which was a huge trend this past Spring and its following us again for another round being worked in with athleticwear and more.

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are such a cute trend and are such an easy way to put together a really cute outfit almost effortlessly.

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Black Friday Weekend Store’s Open/Hours

Oh god it’s that time of year again! The hustle and bustle of people looking to buy gifts for loved ones and people they really don’t care about. Such a magical season of love turns into near murder scenes on the line at your favorite store as it gets closer to the holidays.

Every year we hear crazy stories about Black Friday, where people are getting trampled and killed, and camping out for over 24 hours before completely missing Thanksgiving with their family.

On the brighter side Black Friday is the one day a year where people are running around in search for those fabulous deals on must have and very needed products.

Thanksgiving used to be solely a family day but with many retailers opening their doors on Thanksgiving a lot of people rush through the huge turkey dinner and straight to the mall.

Heres a list of stores that are open on Thanksgiving Day


Macy’s (after 5pm)

Kohl’s (after 6pm)

JC Penney (after 3pm)

Old Navy (after 4)

Sear’s (after 6)

Target (after 6)

Toys R Us (after 5)

Ulta (after 6)

Victoria Secret (ALL DAY)

Walmart (after 6)


Baby’s R Us (8am)

Barnes and Noble (regular hours)

Bed, Bath & Beyond (6am-10pm)

Burlington (7am-11pm)

DSW (regular hours)

Gamestop (5am)

Guitar Center (6am)

H&M (6am-10pm)

Home Depot (5am)

HomeGoods (7am-10pm)

JC Penney (regular hours)

Kohls (regular open – midnight)

Lowes (5am)

Macy’s (6am-2pm)

Marshall’s (7am-10pm)

Michael’s (7am-10pm)

Modells (6am)

Nordstrom (8am-10pm)

Target (8am-11pm)

Victoria Secret (6am-10pm)

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The Best Makeup for Your Hair Color

Everyone has different hair colors, which is great that there are so many different color palettes in make up.




Natural blondes are usually very fair toned, pairing with blonde hair the fair toned skin looks awful in pale pink based face make up, as it makes you look completely washed out. Colors that do work for blondes are peach based for those with a medium blonde hair, for those with platinum hair cooler colors definitely work out better since the hair itself is so light. And for those goldie locks bronzy colors look great giving a natural glow.


#1 Rule for blondies, NO BLACK MASCARA, it ends up making you look like a raccoon. Instead opt for a color choice close to the own shade of your lashes. If your lashes are really light, or almost nonexistent go for a color two shades darker. Neutrals are always the way to go as a blonde. However each shade of blonde has different colors that optimize the locks. Medium blonde haired people look great in light/medium neutral tones, while platinum babes rock taupe, cool browns, and pearly tones. And for those golden goddesses, bronzy and deep neutral tones look flawless. Smokey shadow if executed correctly could really enhance your eyes. Keep the colors in the tones that best match your hair and you’re good to go!


Once again as a blonde your color to avoid is pale pink. Peachy tones, deeper pinks and reds are most definitely your friends though.



Foundations and other face makeups with a rose tint to it look best on brown haired women. Peachy/apricot tones are your colors to stay away from unlike our blonde friends. Yellow toned makeup is great to cover up red blotches and unevenness in the face.  Rose toned blushes are a great pair with a natural beige foundation.


Browns and greys make brunettes eyes really pop. From different shades of brown including mahogany and mocha with shades of red and yellow in them, to regular neutrals and striking grey’s that look fabulous on anyone. Now depending on your eye color depends on which shade would be perfect for you. Blue eyed brunettes look amazing in grey’s and purples, brown eyed girls look good in almost any shade of brown. And the green eyed girls look great in beige tones and mossy green to compliment their gorgeous eyes.


Brunettes are the power people because they look good in pretty much anything. Brunettes are able to pull of the craziest candy apple red to the deepest plum and everything in between.



Many stylists recommend a heavy foundation with a sheer tint for the redheads out there. Yellow/peach base compliment you perfectly.


Winged liner is a pain in the butt but it’s definitely the redheads best friend. Sleek black liner and dark lashes look amazing. Grey’s look great on warm skin tones, and browns on the cooler skin tones. Unlike blondes black is definitely your friend.


Having gorgeous firey locks makes lip color choices somewhat limited. While you can pull off super pigmented colors your color family is limited to reds and pinks.