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My First Time Backstage

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Pre Fall as much as I am! This is my last semester before I receive my associates and I have so many amazing opportunities coming up!

Recently I had the most amazing time getting to work backstage with staff from Salvatore Ferragamo who were putting on fashion show fundraiser right here on Long Island!

During this opportunity I was lucky enough to come across a mistake with my models look and (sorta) help them fix it. It was such an amazing case of right place right time and at the end it really helped make the show run smoothly!

As for the line it was absolutely gorgeous! Featuring beautiful jewel tones, velvet booties, cozy jackets and shawls, classy neutrals and tons of accessories!

Dressing the model and helping set up was an amazing way to gain some hands on special events experience from, the preparation to the catwalk and everything in between. The amount of hard work to make the 20 minute long show is so crazy and so necessary to ensure everything goes off without a hitch!

The only downside was not being able to really watch the show! We got some pictures though!

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