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New Year! New You! New Hair?

Happy New Year everyone! After the crazy past year everyone is looking forward to and hoping for as much better 2017. What better way to start the new year off right than a new hair do! Personally I decided to go a crazy color for the first time in my life and am absolutely loving it!

Some of the best hair color trends for 2017 are:

Grown out roots:

Embracing this trend myself and receiving nothing but positive feedback was amazing as women in the past were so afraid of having their roots come in. As the years go on self acceptance and growth of individuality has been on an insane up rise.


Ombre: Ombre has been on a rollercoaster of popularity the last few years, and this year people are loving it in all forms. Crazy colors, reverse ombre, sombre (subtle ombre) these lovely locks are going to be turning heads all year.

Jet Black-Blonde: All of the natural hair color trends are in this year in almost every shade so don’t worry about having last years hair color and find what you love the most! Jet black, dark brown, light brown, blonde, ash blonde and platinum are going to be all over the streets this year.

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