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Black Friday Weekend Store’s Open/Hours

Oh god it’s that time of year again! The hustle and bustle of people looking to buy gifts for loved ones and people they really don’t care about. Such a magical season of love turns into near murder scenes on the line at your favorite store as it gets closer to the holidays.

Every year we hear crazy stories about Black Friday, where people are getting trampled and killed, and camping out for over 24 hours before completely missing Thanksgiving with their family.

On the brighter side Black Friday is the one day a year where people are running around in search for those fabulous deals on must have and very needed products.

Thanksgiving used to be solely a family day but with many retailers opening their doors on Thanksgiving a lot of people rush through the huge turkey dinner and straight to the mall.

Heres a list of stores that are open on Thanksgiving Day


Macy’s (after 5pm)

Kohl’s (after 6pm)

JC Penney (after 3pm)

Old Navy (after 4)

Sear’s (after 6)

Target (after 6)

Toys R Us (after 5)

Ulta (after 6)

Victoria Secret (ALL DAY)

Walmart (after 6)


Baby’s R Us (8am)

Barnes and Noble (regular hours)

Bed, Bath & Beyond (6am-10pm)

Burlington (7am-11pm)

DSW (regular hours)

Gamestop (5am)

Guitar Center (6am)

H&M (6am-10pm)

Home Depot (5am)

HomeGoods (7am-10pm)

JC Penney (regular hours)

Kohls (regular open – midnight)

Lowes (5am)

Macy’s (6am-2pm)

Marshall’s (7am-10pm)

Michael’s (7am-10pm)

Modells (6am)

Nordstrom (8am-10pm)

Target (8am-11pm)

Victoria Secret (6am-10pm)

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