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The Best Makeup for Your Hair Color

Everyone has different hair colors, which is great that there are so many different color palettes in make up.




Natural blondes are usually very fair toned, pairing with blonde hair the fair toned skin looks awful in pale pink based face make up, as it makes you look completely washed out. Colors that do work for blondes are peach based for those with a medium blonde hair, for those with platinum hair cooler colors definitely work out better since the hair itself is so light. And for those goldie locks bronzy colors look great giving a natural glow.


#1 Rule for blondies, NO BLACK MASCARA, it ends up making you look like a raccoon. Instead opt for a color choice close to the own shade of your lashes. If your lashes are really light, or almost nonexistent go for a color two shades darker. Neutrals are always the way to go as a blonde. However each shade of blonde has different colors that optimize the locks. Medium blonde haired people look great in light/medium neutral tones, while platinum babes rock taupe, cool browns, and pearly tones. And for those golden goddesses, bronzy and deep neutral tones look flawless. Smokey shadow if executed correctly could really enhance your eyes. Keep the colors in the tones that best match your hair and you’re good to go!


Once again as a blonde your color to avoid is pale pink. Peachy tones, deeper pinks and reds are most definitely your friends though.



Foundations and other face makeups with a rose tint to it look best on brown haired women. Peachy/apricot tones are your colors to stay away from unlike our blonde friends. Yellow toned makeup is great to cover up red blotches and unevenness in the face.  Rose toned blushes are a great pair with a natural beige foundation.


Browns and greys make brunettes eyes really pop. From different shades of brown including mahogany and mocha with shades of red and yellow in them, to regular neutrals and striking grey’s that look fabulous on anyone. Now depending on your eye color depends on which shade would be perfect for you. Blue eyed brunettes look amazing in grey’s and purples, brown eyed girls look good in almost any shade of brown. And the green eyed girls look great in beige tones and mossy green to compliment their gorgeous eyes.


Brunettes are the power people because they look good in pretty much anything. Brunettes are able to pull of the craziest candy apple red to the deepest plum and everything in between.



Many stylists recommend a heavy foundation with a sheer tint for the redheads out there. Yellow/peach base compliment you perfectly.


Winged liner is a pain in the butt but it’s definitely the redheads best friend. Sleek black liner and dark lashes look amazing. Grey’s look great on warm skin tones, and browns on the cooler skin tones. Unlike blondes black is definitely your friend.


Having gorgeous firey locks makes lip color choices somewhat limited. While you can pull off super pigmented colors your color family is limited to reds and pinks.



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