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Hair Styles 2016/2017

Hair is one of the most amazing things because you can always change it! Many of us like to get a new look once a year, some have had the same thing for years. Whatever the case the new year is full of many timeless classics.

Volume and Texture

Bigger is better! Especially with hair (and paychecks) Big hair is such a magical thing because it can transform an entire look so easily. As well as the texture, most people don’t have perfectly straight hair, which is great because natural texture is huge this season.


Parts & Styles

Everyone parts their hair differently to flatter their faces, this season the center part and deep side part rule. As well as the low pony, ballerina bun, and braids to keep the wind from smacking you in the face this winter.


What to do when it’s down

Straight hair, big curls, tousled waves, and even crimping is popular this season, so whatever you love rock it.

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