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Fun Hair Colors To Try Now

I love trying new things with my hair however I’m always afraid to leave the natural color and jump into the funky color trend. So many people rock it so well. So if you’re bold, confident, or want to try something different here are some of 2016/2107’s fun hair colors.


Pastel hair is one of the biggest trends in hair right now. With so many different shades to chose from there’s one to fit the little fairy inside all of us. Lavender, mint, rose, and blue dyes are flying off the shelves.



Denim Hair is a super cool trend that works with almost every complexion. With so many different variations and a beautiful muted tone it’s a bold color even your mom could love.


Opal hair is like mixing a few different pastels together with some silver and gloss and getting a magical fairy princess look thats not so over the top.


Going grey may not necessarily be a bad thing anymore! So many people are embracing the once shied away from and hated hair colors, and it looks amazing!

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