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3 Accessory Must Haves, and have them however you’d like.

Every girl knows the saying the accessories make the outfit. Well that goes double for the cold weather season. It’s kind of hard to look good dressed in 4 layers showing nothing but your eyes, if you don’t wear sunglasses. That’s where cute scarves, gloves, and tights come in. So many creative variations of things we all wear and love.


Gotta keep that neck warm. Fur scarves, chunky scarves, skinny scarves, extra long, and puffer scarves are this seasons hottest accessory for the cold.


Gloves are always a must have keeping your hands warm. However there are a million ways to keep warm in style. Leather gloves, knitted, fingerless, long, and sheer black, and embellished gloves are huge this season.


For those who really love their dresses, or maybe just need a little shield from the cold. Tights are like jewelry for the legs, there’s so many different types. Colored and patterned tights are so popular this season, so put those black tights away and wear the rainbow.

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