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The Perfect Jacket for YOU 2016 guideline and checklist.

Jackets, whether you love them or hate them we all need one. Whether you buy a new jacket every season or you’ve had the same one for years and desperately need a new one you’ve come to the right place for on trend, body shape flattering style to keep you warm all season.


The Classics:

Peacoats, parkas, puffer jackets are all things we’ve all pretty much owned in our lives at some point. Their cute style and practicability has put them into a classic item spot.

Special Occasion:

Going to the Golden Globe’s ? Don’t we all wish. But in all seriousness for any winter occasion there’s the perfect jacket for you to keep you warm and slay the scene.


Whether you live in Florida or California, or Minnesota or Maine or anywhere in between you’re going to have a few chilly days at least. Depending on where you are depends on what you need. Sure you might love that fur Fendi but if your winter low is in the 50’s maybe you should put the wallet away.

Body Type:

Those long overcoats and trenches are fabulous but if you’re a tiny person like me they’ll just swallow you whole.  On the other hand a nice trench creates the all desired hourglass figure.  Whether you’re petite, tall, pear shaped, curvy, or anything in between you’ll find the perfect jacket here.


Why pay for style when you could look fabulous for less? Here’s a collection of jackets of all styles for those without an unlimited bank account!
mango grey plaid blazer.jpg Mango Grey Plaid Blazer $119.99

mango velvet bomber 79.jpg Velvet Bomber Jacket (available in Emerald Green and Black $79.99

mango suede jacket $129.jpg Suede Jacket (available in cognac and teal) $129.99

warehouse.jpgLong Puffer Coat Warehouse $176.99

topshop faux leather olive shearling 100.jpg Faux Leather $100

topshop boucle slouch coat 170.jpg Boucle Slouch Coat Topshop $170

top shop fring cape 60.jpgFringe Cape Topshop $60






Trench: The Trench or overcoat is very popular among the majority of people. Why? Because they’re great for almost any body creating a lovely hourglass shape.

express trench coat 80.60.jpg

Capes: Capes look great on those with a bigger frame or shoulders. Petite woman should avoid certain ones because they can swallow them up if too big.


calvin klein cape jacket 159.jpgCalvin Klein Cape Jacket $159.99

cape kohls 199.jpg Kohl’s Cape  $199.99



Draped Coats:

Draped coats can cover those who are more apple shaped or curvy.


lulu tan draped cape.jpg Lulu Tan Draped Coat $87.00

ralph lauren draped mink 159.jpg Ralph Lauren Draped Coat with Mink (Macy’s Exlcusive $159.99


bb dakota ombre draped 150.jpg

BB Dakota Ombre Draped Sweater Coat $150


Military Jackets: Parkas and anoraks flatter many taller people because some tend to be very long. However they do make shorter ones and are usually very flattering on everyone.

obey trench 114.jpg Lulu Obey Olive Green Trench Coat $114.99

trench military macys 94.jpg Military Trench Macy’s $94.99







asos 105 faux fr.jpg ASOS $105.00


tan cape.jpg EricDress $75.04

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