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Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

Halloween is approaching fast. For those last minute lovers like me who are still not sure about what to rock this Halloween you’ve come to the right place!


Everyone loved Suicide Squad (even though there were some terrible reviews) Whether or not you loved the movie or just Margot Robbie one of the top costumes this year is Harley Quinn!

They have some fabulous Harley costumes in Spencer’s and HotTopic however if you wanna create the look at home all you’ll need are:

Blonde Wig/Pink and blue hair dye

Puddin Choker

Pink and Blue Eye shadow

Pink lipstick

Daddy’s Little Monster T shirt (Spencers has a million options)

Red/Blue sparkly boyshorts

and of course..





With pokemon go bringing everyone outside of the house and away from the computer (gasp!) you’re bound to see a bunch of enthusiasts out there. The great part is no matter what you’re team you can find something!

What you’ll need

Red/Yellow/Blue T shirt

Fanny Pack




Black hatpokemongotrainer-costume.jpg

Sandy from Grease

Grease is a classic that if you haven’t see you need to, (It’s on Netflix) earlier this year there was the Grease Live special bringing a new flame to an old candle. Sandy is always a fan favorite.

What you’ll need

Off the should black crop top

Leather leggings

Red heels

Blonde curly wig.



The classic female Marvel Superhero finally gets her own movie this coming up year. Why not embrace your sexy super side and dress up like Wonder Woman.

What you’ll need

Red corset

Blue star boy shorts or skirt

Red Cape

Gold Gauntlets


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