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Color Combos: What’s HOT and what’s really NOT

So here we are again with a new palette to work with. This year we’ve had fabulous colors. Yet the hardest decision isn’t always what to wear. It’s after finding something and figuring out what to wear with it.


Luckily we have Pantone here to help us. These are the top colors used for F/W 2016. There’s the ever fabulous grey (Sharkskin), taupe and olive green (Lush Meadow) As well as some lovely earth tones and pastels which are still gaining popularity.

Learning to style these colors can be hard. However that’s what I’m here for. Keep scrolling and learn how to look fabulous all season long.

Grey has definitely been a fan favorite for years, and why not it’s neutrality makes it perfect to wear with almost anything. As you can see below


Mustard is also a fall favorite check out these color combinations

mustard collage.jpg


Olive Green is definitely one of the easier ones. It’s almost like it’s black it looks good with so much!olive collage.jpg

Finally we have the color of all fall colors burgundy. It’s gone by many names over the last few years but the love is all the same. burgundy-collage

However there are a lot of color combo’s to definitely avoid.

Keep colors in the same family tree. Earth tones work well together, but bright colors don’t. Avoid looking like a rainbow puked and keep some neutrals around to keep balance! Complimentary colors look great in some art but you definitely don’t want to wear the exact opposites. Like bright red and green will make you look like a walking Christmas display but burgundy and olive rock!

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