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Guide to Fall/Winter 2016

Hey everyone! The temperature’s dropping and its time to pack up the sandals and shorts and get ready for cozy sweaters and UGGs. This year so many different styles and new (old and different) trends emerge from the runways.

Putting the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week behind us, after seeing beautiful collections and analyzing the major wearable trends, I’ve put together the Guide to F/W 2016


Fall wouldn’t be fall without plaid. However this season many designers have opted away from the typical lumberjack flannel style and are focusing on different color schemes. Grey has been a fan favorite for a few years so it’s no surprise that designers decided to mix the classic with the upcoming. With beautiful pieces


balenciaga grey plain skirt suit.jpg                             balenciaga grey plain skirt suit 2.jpg                             channel grey plaid.jpg


Puffer Jackets:

Remember being a child and yelling at your mom that you didn’t want to wear your coat? Well those childhood days are back in style with many designers showing the classic puffer coat even over more sophisticated outfits. Moral of the story: Even sometimes style can be practical.


LV puffer.jpg                  balencaiga puffer coat red.jpg                  channel puffer jacket.jpg





Is anyone else jumping in their seats? I love hoodies. Quite frankly I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. Everything from solids to graphic to cropped and color blocked. Who said that comfy can’t be fabulous?

LV hoodie.jpg                                             balenciaga hoodie navy.jpg



Statement Furs:

Faux and real fur have always been huge with people. For many years fur was only for the wealthy but now anyone can have it with such high quality faux furs. Jackets and coats and even accessories made with fur have always been huge. Now even for the animal activists!



LV fur.jpg                                        valentino caplet.jpg




Velvet is back..back back, back again. Velvet is always a favorite around holiday time making fabulous holiday and NYE party outfits. However it doesn’t always have to be in dress form. Velvet leggings are a huge and comfy trend as well!

valentino mustard turle neck dress.jpg                                            valentino velvetolive green.jpg



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